Software Developer & Hosting provider

Welcome! - I build database driven Web Applications for all size of business across the UK and beyond.

With over 22 years commercial experience, I work as a freelance / contract software developer running my own business, CodeStep UK based in Essex.

I provide custom tools and database driven web applications using multiple techniques - including Microsoft C#, SQL, SSIS and JavaScript technologies.

Career history

Started programming very early
Gained my A's in Maths and Tech at age 15/16

First commercially used software in 1998
First e-commerce site in 2000

Enterprise Developer training in 2001
Microsoft MCP Qualifications in 2004
Lead Architect in 2005

Sole Trader from 2007
First SaaS Solution in 2009
First Multi-language International SaaS Solution in 2010
First Commercial Hosting Service in 2012
First Private Cloud Service in 2015
Hybrid Cloud Services in 2019