C# and SQL Software Developer & Solution provider

Welcome! - I am a Microsoft Certified Professional who builds database driven Web Applications and SaaS solutions for all sizes of business across the UK and beyond.

Based in Essex with rapid on-site coverage of London, Hertfordshire, Cambridge, Suffolk and Kent areas, I am a contract and freelance web developer, database architect and digital solutions provider, providing custom built web sites and bespoke applications using the latest Web and Microsoft .Net and SQL technologies.

Systems to suit your needs

Whether you want a complete commerce platform, or just starting out with an online company profile, I can help you plan and organise the development and delivery of your system; ensuring you get the most out of technology at a truely cost effective rate.

With over 25 years commercial experience, I can provide custom business process tools using multiple techniques - including Microsoft C#, SQL, SSIS and HTML 5 / CSS3 as well as JavaScript based technologies.

Career history

Started programming very early
Gained my A's in Maths and Tech at age 15/16

First commercially used software in 1998
First e-commerce site in 2000

Enterprise Developer training in 2001
Microsoft MCP Qualifications in 2004
Lead Architect in 2005

Sole Trader from 2007
First SaaS Solution in 2009
First Multi-language International SaaS Solution in 2010
First Commercial Hosting Service in 2012
First Private Cloud Service in 2015
Hybrid Cloud Services in 2019